Limit-Less (Documentary)






Vicky Pasion

Vicky Pasion is an up and coming artist from North West London. With a career that started on the West End, Vicky captured the attention of press with her “songbird-like range” and “steely vocals”.

In the Summer of 2017, Vicky self-released her first mixtape ‘Life is but a vapour’; her Neo Soul/ RnB influenced sound were likened to artists like Lauryn Hill and Aaliyah . Lyrically, her music has a confessional theme, exploring ripples of defiance, sexuality, the complexities of changing relationships and self-love. After her debut release, Vicky quickly caught the attention of the industry, which led her to finish the year as a featured act at the infamous Notting Hill Arts Club.  

In less than 8 months, Vicky has ignited interest via her social media presence and headlining live shows, as her unapologetically powerful vocals and transparency continue to capture listeners from around the world.

This year, Vicky Pasion follows her mixtape with an EP that promises a soft rock tone, fused with the soulful, intimate qualities of her earlier RnB sound. She looks to make her mark in the industry, with her emotionally charged vocals, passion and visionary sound.





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